This is a Test

How dare we speak of the laws of chance? Is not chance the antithesis of all law?

Bertrand, Joseph

It’s funny.   I took a look at the blog today for the first time in a long time, and noticed that James had made an entry: “This is James and this a test, and so it is.”

It made me laugh and then I realized that is exactly what seems to be going on with me these days.  I seem to be engaged in a series of test to see just how firm I am in my commitment to my beliefs.

The past few months have been electric; much is happening.   I have a new business that really took off after the first of the year.  I have been consulting with an Education and Public Outreach Organization that is a part of NASA, I begin an 8 week series of story development trainings for members of the NASA EPO community tomorrow and I have entered a partnership with another company, developing an internet based business that has been extremely exciting and affirming.  All of this has kept me busy doing what it is I love to do.

And, here’s what I’ve been noticing: I still seem to want to gauge how successful I’m being based on how it appears to be going outside of me.  In particular as it relates to this internet project.   My partners and I have been conceptualizing and developing this idea for about 6 months now.  WE…work wonderfully together.  It really is the best business relationship I’ve ever been in.  We bring different yet overlapping skill sets….we listen to each other…we challenge each other.   We a moving to launch this thing in a pre-launch/crowdfunding manner very soon.  I continue to hold that this is the most exciting, brilliant and innovative idea I have ever had the opportunity to work on…..and….

I find myself…at times…doubting the fact that it will work.   That anyone will care.   That it will make money.

When I’m clear and authentic in the belief that this is really something unique and special…I actually can imagine riches flowing toward me….and then….something will happen….I read something about something that challenges any of our basic assumptions, we have a stumbling block we a need to overcome in order to get this up and running, we realize that we need to change some aspect of the business plan….and suddenly it goes from being a sure-fire idea that everyone will want to…meh.

Am I really that changeable?

Do I have some inherent lack of faith?

I don’t get it.  Really.

I’m much better at staying in the moment, and these “doubts” don’t last long….but, OMG…the energy it takes sometimes to take them on and root them out.

What has been helping me…and I want to share with all of you, is something I keep bringing back into my mind when I find myself on in one of these moments of doubt.

“Anything is possible…but EVERYTHING is probable.  100%.”   This idea came to me in the last CPR, but it is paying off in spades now.  It keeps bringing me back to the knowing that I need to understand that; that which exist is in presence, not because it is possible…but someone…at some point…somewhere….held the belief that what they were working toward was NOT possible….but, was absolutely PROBABLE.  Whenever I find my belief for my better-self under attack by my mind…I stop.  Stand in the moment…and remember.   I remember what James has said any number of times…Life is perfect…all the time…no matter what.  EVEN if I…for a brief moment forget.  I only have to be in the moment and re-member, and the Truth comes back to me.

The TRUTH is…I have no idea how this project will work out.    That’s not my job.  My job is to stand in the knowing of what I want to do, and allow the Universe to reveal the “how” to me.   No matter how this turns out (and we’ll probably get a good idea very soon), it’s going to be a success.  Simply, because it didn’t exist before.   I have to keep remembering I am the point through which the Universe is bringing this project into existence.  The only way I can hinder it’s fullest realization…is by allowing any of my thoughts of “disblief” to take root.

It’s like my mind is going…”Really?   Really?  Rrrrrrrealy….?”

My only response can be….Really.   Absolutely, with 100% Probability.

I know with the absolute clarity of spiritual Truth and Logic what it is I want, and I surrender to the perfect revelation of the perfect How.

Thank you, James.



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Money is Not Important…My Beliefs About Money Are.

I expressed at a point in the past that: “Money is not important to me.”

I took complete ownership of that Belief then, and from that moment forward, I’ve seen a great deal of change regarding how I handle money, use it, spend it, etc.  

And yet, there remained a train of thought, what would regularly be part of my thinking and belief about myself that went something like this:  “I-have-these-bills-I-need-work-to-pay-these-bills-the-only-kind-of-work-I-can-find-that-is-dependable-and-provides-enough-money-to-pay-these-bills, is-work-I-can’t-stand, and-really-has-nothing-to-do-with-who-I-am.”     

After the last CPR, I had a revelation.  While I recognized the “importance” of money, my thinking was focused on “having-enough-to-pay-bills.”

That’s changed, I no longer think about “having enough to pay bills.”   My thoughts are only on: “What-do-I-need-to-do/know-to-create-multiple-streams-of-revenue, doing-what-I-enjoy, love-and-do-best.”  And, I am.

Now…I’m doing what I love.  I’m creating work and supporting others in their work.  I’m being a professional and an authority….and there is no effort.  Creative and financial opportunities  move toward me with ease, and the bills are MORE than paid.

Thank you, James.

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I AM – It’s 100% Probable

I AM: observing the Observer observing the observed.

I know what I want, and I surrender to the truth of the Perfect revelation of the how.  I simply move through the space/time continuum of my life and experience the demonstration unfolding perfectly.  All of it is absolutely, 100% probable.

It’s pretty clear to me that this dynamic of life needs my participation.  I am NOT in a passive relationship with Principal.  I cannot simply sit back and “wish” it so…or sit in meditation constantly repeating “I believe, I believe” as if I’m bringing Tinkerbell back to life.  I believe that was the misinterpretation and mistake of The Secret.  I must be an active participant in Life.  I must know the Truth; and, that Truth rooted in my beliefs leads me to make decisions–to choose.  To decide and choose what thoughts, what experience I will bring into my life; that is the action.  It is in the choosing; choosing what to think, to know, to do…that is the core of intentionality.  My action tied to Truth brings the demonstration.

So….what I notice, is that my mind wants to give me “things” to do; actions to take, things that NEED to be done.  It is hard at times to know if these ideas for actions are rooted in the Truth.   When the conditions of my life are “Perfect”, it is easy to know what trains-of-thought are rooted in Truth, purposeful and take me closer to what it is I want.  When the conditions seem less than perfect, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if the trains-of-thought for taking action are not in fact driven by fear and self-doubt.

When I am clear that I AM…then the ideas for right action are crystal clear and they appear almost by magic.  The right people, opportunities and events simply show up in right order.

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I Am Awake!

When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.

― P.D. Ouspensky

There is a story someone once told me about Buddha.  I’m not clear as to accuracy, but it goes like this.

Buddha passed a man on the road who was struck by the Buddha’s extraordinary radiance and peaceful presence. The man stopped and asked, “My friend, what are you?  Are you a celestial being or a god?”

“No” said the Buddha.

“Well, then, are you some kind of magician or wizard?”

Again the Buddha answered; “No.”

“Are you a man?”


“Well, my friend, then what are you?”

The Buddha replied; “I am awake.”

That is all I want.  To be awake.

I’m not in phase with myself.

What am I?

I am….a creative Master.  I think this is accurate.  I am clear that I create my Universe one thought at a time constantly.  I know this, both from a philosophical level as a student of the Science of Mind; and, I know it on a physical level through Physics and the laws of nature (which are the Laws of God).

I know it as an artist in my writing and acting.   I know it in my relationships, as I am surrounded by the most amazing people all the time.  I have the Perfect loving relationship and I am raised up by her everyday.  I know it in my health and well being.

Now, I want to know it in my finances and prosperity.

I not only create brilliantly and perfectly in a positive way….I have created just as brilliantly in ways that do NOT serve me at all.

I will say this: 1) Money matters to me.   Wealth matters to me.  Abundance matters to me.  Not simply for what it can do for me, but as an essential truth of living.  2) My thinking and my thoughts are working on a level of positivism and creation that is contributing to my well being, and the unfolding of my live in a way that is completely in line with my dreams….most of the time.  There are still moments (not as often), that find me either rutting round in the past, looking for a reason to discount the good showing up now; or, I sometime project myself in to the future.  Not in a positive visualization of what it is I’m moving toward, but as a way and reason to worry and to project on to things that don’t even exist.

What do I believe?

I believe I am the Creative Master of My Life.

It’s true.  I do.  AND…I have this inkling of a thought that there is something I’m not seeing, not able to suss out, not able to be completely honest about, because I simply cannot see it.   I really need that mirror.  A very special mirror that no only shows me the accurate reflection of me; but, a mirror that can show me what it is that casts no reflection.

How do I look?

A few years ago, I began asking that question of people I’d meet casually: Baristas at Starbucks, Checkout people at the grocery store, friends…anyone I’d meet who asked the question: “How are you?”

They would ask “How are you?”   And, I’d respond’ “How do I look?”

It was an interesting experiment, not because I was looking for someone to tell me HOW I should be, but I was interested in seeing if my own self-assessment of how I was, was accurate.   Interestingly, most of the time, people would say I looked great.   And, I think they were being honest, because I’d usually follow up with a question to them to make sure they were.  And, what I began to notice was that I often walked around with an idea of myself that was not accurate.  Or, even if I was carrying something negative in my consciousness…other people didn’t notice it.  I was the only one being entertained by it.

…something isn’t quite in line yet…out of phase.

Maybe this is the essential belief I need to change.  Maybe my life and thoughts are in complete alignment with my good, my prosperity, my perfectly unfolding life.

Maybe there is nothing wrong.

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A Thought

I just had this thought: Their plan is not to win the electorial college. They don’t need to. They only need to make sure that Obama doesn’t have enough votes to win it either. If that happens, the presidential election is decided by a vote in the House of Representatives.

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Life is a Probability Wave

Life is a Probability Wave.

The probability is 100% that you are right where you are.   The question, of course, is why?  Why are you?  Why am I?  Why are we here, when we could literally be anywhere along the probability wave.

We like to think we are special; yet, the Copernican Principal tells us that humans are not privileged observers of the universe.  Despite what we may think, we are not central to the cosmic order.  We are not central; and yet, the Universe may be as it is; as we perceive it to be, because we are here (Anthropy).  We may be unique, but we are not privileged.  Our only role is in our observation(s).  We engage the Universe through our senses.  We make observations by what we see, taste, smell, and physically feel.  These are our measuring devices.  We also create machines to enhance and refine our observations.  We are the observers, therefore we are creating the observation.  And, in these observations, we have “selection bias.”  We create the data that molds our experience.

We have Ewin Schrodinger and his cat to thank.  Well, actually his math.

This equation is as rock solid for Quantum Mechanics, as Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion is for Classical Physics.  They are the Law; interestingly compatible as well as exclusive.

Now, as for the cat in the box…it’s both alive and dead, as long as you don’t open the box. The cat is neither alive or dead; but exists as a potential of probability that would find it alive or dead when the box is opened.  Open the box and you actually observe the cat.  It will go from a 50/50 % probability to a 100% probability.  Either one; alive or dead.

There is a particle spike at the point of observation.  The measurement/observation causes a mass particle migration, and decoherence; this brings the particle into being from the quantum into the macro.  Thus, the dead cat.

Interestingly, this migration is general as well as specific, causing quantum branching.  The act of measuring; or, the observation, brings about the decoherence.  Yet, the wave itself continues.  It never stops.  The probability wave never stops.  The probable outcome(s) continues, and the cat(s) lives.

After the wave form collapses, the principals of classical physics takes over.  We simply observe that; which, in the moment, is chosen to be observed in the observable universe.  Because we are here; we exist,  in this observable universe.

There is a split, and Schrodinger’s math tells us how probability waves then evolve over time.  They continue on, and the world splits at every observation.  Different and parallel histories form continuously in some sort of meta-reality.  The probability wave; the other probable cat(s) continues on.

Everything that is possible is realized all the time.

The spike, the migration and this split are a result of the observation.  In the collapse of the wave form-the split-we observe the result of our observation, not the further evolution of that particular probability wave.   That’s done.  Never to return and never to be known.    This is true for a single particle like a photon; or, a collection of particles, like the measuring instrument, or the measurers for that matter.  For us, the particle is a particle; no more a wave.

Schrodinger’s Equation is the baseline for quantum mechanics.  It works perfectly, every time, from a single sub-atomic particle; to a group or a collection of particles-the observer and it’s instruments.  We are made of sub-atomic particles; we are, therefore, subject to both Schrodinger’s and Newton’s math.

It’s not waves or particles.  It’s waves and particles.  Life is not an either/or proposition, but rather, an either…and.


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Kindness. Yes, simple kindness.

Kindness is the act or the state of being kind —ie. marked by goodness and charitable behavior, mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and recognized as a value in many cultures and religions.


The other day, my lovely and dear Rashke and I were in discussion on some issue or other, and she felt compelled to express herself to me in a very honest and straight forth manner.  To which I thanked her; “for her kindness.”  She kept insisting that what she was saying wasn’t kind, but honest; and I, of course, kept insisting that while it may have been honest on her part, I found what she said to be very kind.

I realized, after that conversation with Rashke, that I have been thanking people for their kindness for a while now, without knowing how or when I had started doing it.  It got me to consider whether I was being authentic about what I was saying; or, if it had become a kind of standard response to events in my life; just another thing I say so I don’t need to really be present, or interact with anyone with any kind of true human expression.  After a bit of though, I came to the conclusion that, for the most part, I have been making an honest acknowledgement to someone for an action they have taken on my behalf; or, in some manner toward me.  And, to be honest, there are times when I’m merely a genetically based robot, repeating words programed into this specific unit.  So, I began thinking about the Act of Kindness.

An Act of Kindness: How do you experience it?  Is there some benchmark for determining the experience?

I googled the word “kindness” and in .16 seconds got over 37,000,000 pages.

I was fascinated by the page from Scientology—L. Ron Hubbard’s essay on Kindness; a web page for the Human Kindness Foundation; and, countless pages of quotations from individuals of diverse cultures and schools of thought on the question of Kindness.   In looking at some of the famous quotes, one can see how rooted in culture; in all cultures, the idea of Kindness stands.  To be sure, there were references and web pages that examined or supported the idea of Kindness as a weakness; a weakness to be exploited.

I believe there are two qualities to an Act of Kindness that so defines them.  It is in these two qualities, I believe, one can find a response to the idea that an Act of Kindness is an act of weakness.

One of the qualities is Mindfulness; mindfulness as to the Act of Kindness itself.   In order for a true Act of Kindness to take place all parties simply must be cognitively present; in the moment of the experience.  I simply do not believe that one can come from a place of true kindness and not be present and in the now.  I will grant you that there are many things people do every day that can be taken as kindness.  In my mind, however, a true Act of Kindness absolutely requires all parties to the action or words to be present and in the moment, at the moment.  One could engage in any and all actions of care for someone and not be kind.  The media keeps us up to date with any number of constantly changing examples.  People engage in actions every day that make life easy for someone else.   Care providers in particular engage in countless actions, providing for the ease and comfort of someone in need.  But those actions are not, simply by their nature, Acts of Kindness.

For some of us, our daily lives are spent in extended periods of unconscious and subconscious behavior and actions, broken by fleeting periods of awareness and mindfulness in action.  It is a moment of human connection, of a mindful connection, between the parties present for the Act of Kindness, which is the very essence of any Act of Kindness.  An Act of Kindness is nothing more than a moment of human, person to person connection.

In my mind, the second quality of any Act of Kindness is a kind of benchmark, or measurement for determining the experience of the first quality—Mindfulness.

Does the action taken create Space around those who are parties to the action; meaning, does the experience feel freeing, provide an opening of possibility, or any number of expressions of well-being?  Or, does the experience leave any party to the action feeling diminished, confined, or in any way dehumanized by the experience.  The first instance is clearly a preferred experience in any action, be it kind or not.   If the parties to an action are mindfully in the moment at the time of the experience, it can only open the space around all of the parties involved in the experience.   Therefore, any Act of Kindness is in essence, an action which affirms the best of human nature in all the parties.  Acts of Kindness are actions which remind us what we are; human, temporary, and transitory…in form.  Yet, they also contain a deeper expression of Truth, of what we are; the absolute perfect individualized expression of Spirit.

I am…An Unreasonable Man.

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